The more you know about it, the more likely you’ll be able to communicate with your HVAC technician in Greenville, NC about what it is you need. While we don’t expect you to be an expert, it’s great to know some of the key terms. That’s why we’ve assembled a couple words so you’re not in the dark next time you call your local HVAC company.

1. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Or as it’s commonly known, ‘SEER’. SEER essentially measures how efficient your AC unit is judging by how much electricity it requires for what level of temperature change it is enacting. Knowing this is important so we can determine whether your unit needs to be replaced or not. An older and more inefficient unit would draw a lot more electricity than it should. By coming up with this number, we can make that decision with you.

2. Enthalpy

This is the amount of heat in the air based both off of dry air and its water vapor. We use this variable to decide how efficient it is to pull new air in from outside the home for the electrical cost.

3. Variable Air Volume

Or, as it’s commonly known, VAR. This refers to a system that changes how much air it pulls in based on temperature requirements instead of maintaining a flat throughput at all times. It is a more efficient type of machine than a constant air volume unit by lowering electrical demand when not cooling or heating.

Want More Help?

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