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One key sign that something could be wrong with your HVAC system is an unexpected spike in your utility bills. Some spikes are likely to occur during the hottest and coldest months when your HVAC system is working extra hard to keep your home comfortable against the extreme outdoor temperatures. However, if you notice a sudden and inexplicable spike in your utility bills, something could be going on with your HVAC system, and you should call an HVAC professional to come and check everything out.

Air duct leaks are one reason why your energy bills might go up. When this happens, the air that is flowing through your air ducts and into your home is not being evenly distributed throughout your home because of leaks within the ducts. Because of this, your HVAC system has to work extra hard to pump through air, because some of it is getting lost along the way.

Another reason for the spike in your energy bills could be an out-of-date furnace or air condensing unit. These are two key elements to your home’s HVAC system which work to keep your home cool or warm accordingly. As they get older, they become less efficient and more costly to run. Having your HVAC system serviced regularly will help to lengthen the life of these parts.

An unexpected spike in your heating and cooling costs could also be due to something unrelated to your HVAC system like outdated windows or a hole in your roof. However, calling a HVAC specialist is usually a good first step to determining the cause of the rising energy costs.

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