Our HVAC Greenville, NC team at Carolina Heating and Air is proud to announce that environmentally friendly, green technology is now being acknowledged in the HVAC Greenville, NC industry. With green luck, by 2020, more than 20% of the nation’s energy supply will come from renewable sources including the ones we rely on everyday like our heaters and air conditioners. There are lots of advantages to leaving an environmental footprint on the planet, even in the city of Greenville, NC and Washington, NC, your footprint matters, too! Our list, adapted from the HVAC Classes Organization (HCO) reviews these efficient solutions, which could some day be available in your home. As the future brightens, more and more companies can rely less on fossil fuels. This leaves rooms for advancement for HVAC providers like Barber Heating & Air.

HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC on Green

On Command H20: developed by Taco, Inc., the hot water recirculator is a pump that allows draining cold water to connect to the cold water line, somehow making hot water available 24 hours in a day. Imagine not running out when all your friends or family come over! 

Thermal AC: based out of Australia, this air conditioner is a budget friendly option for HVAC products that depend on electricity to operate. It uses solar energy or natural gas to generate cooler air throughout your space. Not only is it more cooling for inside, but it also reduces electricity costs. 

Ice-Powered AC: if it sounds strange, you are on the right track. California has created an ice operated AC unit that can reduce a building’s net energy. Notably: our HVAC Greenville, NC team can install, repair, and help both residents and businesses stay cool.

If you are currently dealing with a leaking A/C unit or bad air ducts, contact Carolina Heating and Air for quality HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC service that is reasonably priced, more green efficient, and available in your area. Our skilled and certified technicians will come to your home or office to make sure your HVAC unit can handle the upcoming summer season.

Get Ready to Go Green with Carolina Heating and Air.