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Our clients often ask us if they should turn off their air conditioning when they go on vacation. The answer to that question is no. Turning off your air conditioning while you are away, especially during the hot months of summer, can cause damage to your home in the long run.
If you turn off your air conditioning and leave it off, say for a week or so, while you are on vacation, excessive heat will build up in your home, leading to the forming of moisture and condensation. According to an article by Popular Mechanics, this heat can damage your wood doors, causing them not to close properly. Furthermore, it can cause your wood flooring to expand and buckle, essentially ruining it. The few dollars you would save from turning down your AC could turn into a large repair bill in the long run.
So, instead of turning off your air conditioning completely, just turn up the temperature instead. That way air is still circulating, but you can save a little money while you’re away.
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