The city of Greenville, NC is home to hundreds of businesses and residents including various shops and college students in the Greenville, NC and Washington, NC. Anyone in Greenville, NC looking to go green for 2016 can do so with  HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC service from Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning. We work to bring you unique air solutions for your air conditioning, heat pumps, heating, and we offer indoor air quality testing. Moreover, we offer competitively priced Preventative Maintenance Agreements for our HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC customers to enjoy! Going green does not have to cost an arm and leg. More energy efficient solutions are coming soon. Keep reading to learn more about them. 

HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC Say It’s Good to Go Green!

It’s a Duct Wrap: The Greens Company has now a Quiet duct system. It is made of recycled fabric and still reduces the loss of heat that occurs through air-based ducts, like the ones HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC customers may already have. 

Duel Fuel Pump: it sounds sweet, because it is! It combines gas furnace heating with electric heat to maximize comfort inside your home or office. When above 35 degrees, it can residential and commercial warmth for all your family and customers. 

Energy Analysis: energy efficient software has always existed for us, but newer programs make it simpler and cost-saving for HVAC vacant spaces to be tested before a unit is installed. Notably: our HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC team is happy to help you find the unit that is right for you.

Go Green with Carolina Heating and Air Conditioning!