‘Tis the season for holiday hosting, with Thanksgiving just a day away and Christmas right around the corner. If your home is a celebration hub for your family and friends, you may notice that your home is feeling rather toasty this holiday season.
There are a number of factors that might make your home feel warmer this holiday season. For one, if you’re cooking or baking, the heat from the oven and stove will raise the temperature in your home. Running the dishwasher or the washing machine can also contribute to the heat factor in your home. On top of all that, add in a house packed full of guests, and the heat only continues to rise. So, how can you host this holiday season without overheating your home?
To keep your home a manageable, comfortable temperature for your guests, turn down your thermostat a few degrees before everyone arrives. This will cool down your home just enough so that when it starts to heat back up, it will be comfortable for everyone.
If it still feels hot after you turn down your thermostat, use ceiling fans or portable fans to cool down crowded areas in your home. You can also open a window or two to let in some cold air.
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