Heat Pumps & AC Repair in Greenville, NC, Washington, NC, and Blounts Creek, NC.

Air Conditioning Repair • Heat Pumps • Heat Repair
Our Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning team services all brands, providing preventative maintenance on all unit types. HVAC services that we offer include the following:
  • AC Installation
  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heater Installation
  • Heater Maintenance
  • Heater Repair

As one of the leading HVAC Greenville, NC, Blounts Creek, NC, and Washington, NC contractors, we take a consultative approach with our clients. We offer consultation services regarding energy consumption reduction and offer a multitude of HVAC Greenville, NC or Washington, NC repair and maintenance services. We install, service, and repair HVAC systems, AC units, heaters, and heat pumps for the following:
HVAC Greenville, NC

Professional heating & air conditioning contractors

  • Existing homes
  • New home custom builders
  • New construction
  • Commercial facilities
We ensure the safe handling of refrigerants, complying with all laws and regulations. Additionally, we recover refrigerant for salvage, as well as recycle all expendable heating equipment, cooling equipment, and duct systems.


Our Brands

We carry the heating and cooling brands that you know and trust, including the following:

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HVAC Greenville, NC | Installation

If you are in want of a new and improved HVAC Unit , know that North Carolina Heating and Air Conditioning is partnered with some of the best energy providers in the industry. No matter what system you have in place, it is always an option for you to get an upgrade. Rather than attempt to install a new system yourself, trust our experts to have your HVAC home or office unit operating effectively and comfortably. We are sure our  your energy companies and your pockets will appreciate it.

HVAC Blounts Creek, NC | Repair

Hmm, can anyone define what makes an HVAC emergency? We can! When any of the parts of our HVAC Unit stops functioning, we stop functioning. Either we become fixated on the thermostat, because it must be the thermostat. Or, we run to the phonebooks and internet in search of super fast solutions. How can you prepare dinner in a too hot or too cold kitchen? How can you enjoy dinner and a movie in those conditions? Our HVAC Greenville, NC units are like college roommates. You want to depend on them like a friend, but sometimes they just stop working. Repair your HVAC relationship with North Carolina Heating and Air Conditioning. 

HVAC Washington, NC | Maintenance

Maintenance is, perhaps, the most popular service call we receive, and we are glad about it. We are a locally owned and family operated HVAC company in Greenville, North Carolina with years of experience that understands your maintenance HVAC needs. Because the topic is so popular. Whether you a have heat pump or a gas furnace, we are experienced in all types of heat including heat pumps, gas packs, gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and oil furnaces. Our track record is what shoves us to the front of the HVAC Greenville, NC and Washington, NC industry.