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With the weather warming up, your home is probably starting to feel warmer as well. The spring is a great time, when the weather is warm, but not too hot, to cool your home in some creative and energy efficient ways.
One way to keep your home cool is to be aware of the natural light that your home is getting. With longer hours of sunshine in the spring, that means your home is getting more natural light and warmth than it did in the winter. To keep your home from getting too hot, keep your blinds and curtains closed during the day in the areas of your home that get a lot of natural light.
Ceiling fans are also a great way to cool down if your home is starting to feel a little warm. They can do the trick quickly and more cheaply than turning up your air conditioning.
When you leave a room, be sure to turn off the lights and your television. These can add warmth to your home. So, when they’re not in use, it makes sense to turn them off to both save you some money and to also keep your home cooler. It’s also helpful to wait until cooler parts of the day to do your laundry, in order to keep your home cooler.
So, before you crank up your AC on full blast, follow a few of these tips and save some money while still keeping your home cool and comfortable.
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