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If you have an attic in your home, then you know how hot it can get in the summer and how cold it can be in the winter. Most attics are not connected to your home’s HVAC system, which is why they’re subject to extreme temperatures. In addition, their position at the utmost top of your home also contributes to their extreme temperature swings.
Not only is a hot/cold attic uncomfortable to you, it can also damage your stored belongings as well as the shingles on your roof. That’s why it’s important to manage your attic’s temperature so it doesn’t reach extremes.
So how can you manage your attic’s temperature so that you can spend time up there without sweating through your clothes or shivering the whole time?

  • Your best step to manage your attic’s temperature is to have it insulated. Not only will this make your attic space more comfortable for you, it will also help to protect the belongings you have stored in your attic. In addition, an insulated attic will make the rest of your home more energy efficient.
  • Aside from insulation, it’s also important to install ventilation, especially for those hot summer months. You can go with an electric ventilation system that draws out hot air from your attic space, or you can use passive ventilation, such as vents which allow hot air to leave your attic. 
  • If your attic has windows, you can install blinds to help block out sunlight and keep the space cool during the summer. If you want to warm up the space in the winter, you can open the blinds and let the natural light in.
  • If you plan to spend some time up in your attic, be sure to bring a box fan with you during the summer months and a space heater with you during the winter months. Just be sure to unplug these units and turn them off when you’re not around. With a space heater, be sure not to sit it too close to any of your belongings while you’re up in your attic.

If you plan on converting your attic space to an office, loft, or extra bedroom, be sure to call us to discuss your HVAC options for that area.
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