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One of the questions that our clients often ask is how they can reduce their energy costs. Aside from properly cleaning and maintaining their HVAC system, using the natural light in your home is another way to cut costs. Not only can you use natural lighting instead of artificial lighting, you can also use natural lighting to warm your home during the sunny hours.
The first thing you can do is figure out which direction your home is facing and which parts of your home will get the most sunlight during the day. In the areas of your home with the most natural light, leave the curtains and blinds open during the day. This will help to keep these rooms warm and bring in light, without having to use energy. During the warm summer months, close the blinds and curtains in these areas to keep your home cooler.
Skylights are another great way to let in natural light. Skylights are windows installed in your roof. You can contact a roofing professional to have these put in. These skylights let natural light in and eliminate the need to use artificial lighting during the day.
In order to optimize the natural lighting in your home, you can also strategically place mirrors throughout the home so as to catch and reflect the natural light. Painting your home’s interior walls a lighter color also works to help maximize natural lighting in the home.
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