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There are a number of things that affect your HVAC system, how effectively it works, and how long it lasts. One of these factors are the furry friends living in your home. According to Maytag, your pets affect your HVAC system in three major ways:
Pets loved to lay on your air vents to cool themselves down in the long summer months and warm themselves up when it gets cold outside. Air vents are critical to circulating air in your home and keeping it the right temperature. So, if you spot your pet lying around on your vents, double check to make sure that they haven’t closed any of them, and try to discourage this behavior if you can.
Having pets also means that their hair gets everywhere: on your sofa, your clothes, and your air filters. If you have pets living in your home, you need to change your air filters more frequently than most: about once a month usually. 
Letting your pets inside and outside can also let out your cold or warm air, changing your home’s temperature. To help lessen this effect, be sure to close the door after your pets are where they’re supposed to be. 
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