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Summer thunderstorms are a frequent occurrence this time of year, and with storms come fallen trees and downed power lines. No power in the middle of a hot summer’s night can be your worst, sweaty nightmare. So, what can you do to keep cool when the power’s out?
If you find yourself with no power, and no air conditioning, during a hot day, you can make your own air conditioner. Simply fill a cooler or bucket with ice and place a battery-powered fan behind it so that it will circulate the cool air.
It’s also a good idea to keep the shades and blinds closed while the sun is out in order to avoid heating your home from the natural light coming in.
If you’re trying to sleep in the heat, it’s best to make a pallet on the floor, where it tends to be cooler. You can also wet your sheets, your hair, or wrap a wet towel around your neck to cool yourself down while you try to sleep.
Above all else, be sure to keep yourself hydrated in the heat!
For air conditioning that’s guaranteed to keep you cool during these hot summer months, give us a call at North Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning in Greenville, NC.