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Gone are the days of the old Mercury thermostats, where you had to twist and turn and hopefully aim for the correct temperature. Today, most thermostats are digital, and many of them are what we call “smart” thermostats, which can be programmed and even controlled remotely from your phone. 

Upgrading your thermostat to a smart thermostat can save you money in a few ways. For one, it gives a more accurate reading so that you can see just how hot or cold your home is and adjust accordingly. Secondly, with a smart thermostat, you can program it to adjust the temperature during certain parts of the day, like when everyone is at work or school, and then it can go back to your home’s preferred temperature shortly before you arrive at home. You can even program it to drop a few degrees while you sleep to help you sleep better.

Many smart thermostats also offer the option to control your thermostat remotely. So, if you’re on a trip, or at the office, you can monitor your home’s temperature and adjust it if you need to.

Before you install a smart thermostat, be sure to talk with an HVAC professional to find one compatible with your home. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about smart thermostats.

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