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If you’ve noticed a draft in a particular area of your home, or your utility bills have spiked without explanation, you could be wondering whether these issues are due to a roofing or an HVAC issue. While both a leak/hole in your roof and an HVAC issue can present similar symptoms, there are a few ways to help you tell the difference.

One of the first things you can check is your roof. Walk outside and see if you notice any loose or missing shingles or holes. If you don’t see anything outside, head to your attic to see if you notice anything on your roof’s interior. It’s helpful to go up to your attic during the day with the lights off so you can see any sunlight filtering in through your roof through a crack or hole.

Even if you don’t notice any holes, leaks, or damaged shingles, it could still be your roof that is causing the heating and cooling issues in your home. However, you should inspect your HVAC system to rule that out.

Head outside to check out your AC unit. If you notice any extra condensation on or around your HVAC unit, this is a sign that something’s wrong. Also, listen closely for any unusual sounds. If you don’t see or hear anything wrong with your AC unit, head back inside and walk around your home to inspect your air returns and registers. If you don’t notice any air blowing out of one or more of these areas, you could have something going on with your HVAC system, especially the air ducts. 

If you notice any of these signs, you can call the appropriate professional to come out and fix the issue. However, if you still can’t figure out the source of your home’s heating and cooling issues, it’s a good idea to call either a roofing professional or an HVAC professional to come check things out; they can help you rule things out and get to the root of the issue.

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