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One issue that you may encounter with your home’s HVAC system is air duct leaks. Air leaks occur when there are holes or tears in your home’s air ducts. These holes and tears can lead to air leaks, which can lead to up to 30% of wasted energy in your home. So, how can you spot an air leak?

One of the sure signs of an air leak is an unexpected and unexplainable spike in your utility bills. This is because the leaks are causing a lot of air to be wasted and in turn making your HVAC system work harder to keep your home at the right temperature. 

Another sign of an air duct leak is uneven heating/cooling in your home. If you notice one room or area of your home is not the same temperature as the rest of your home, it could be the result of an air duct leak.

If you suspect you have an air duct leak, you can inspect the air ducts yourself for any obvious rips or tears. You can also turn on your air full blast and feel to see if you notice any air coming out of the ducts where it shouldn’t be. If you find an air leak, or if you think that you have one somewhere, be sure to call an HVAC professional to have it fixed.

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