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With summer in full swing, many people are going on vacation. Before you leave for a trip, you probably go through your home, checking to make sure that lights are turned off and doors are locked. When it comes to your air conditioning, you can also check to make sure that it’s ready for you to be away.
Completely turning off your HVAC system is never a good idea, whether you’re going away during the summer or winter. Many people think this is a way to save money. However, the damage it does can end up making you spend more money on damage and repairs than you save on energy costs. Even if you don’t damage your home, you will have to spend a good deal of money heating or cooling your home back to its normal temperature when you return home.
HVAC professionals suggest that when you leave your home for a vacation in the summer, you raise the temperature around 4 degrees higher than what you normally have it set at. This helps you to save money on energy costs while you’re away without raising the temperature too high. When you go on a trip in the winter months, you can lower your home’s temperature by 4 degrees.
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