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It’s officially winter, and the cold weather is here. However, if you live in North Carolina, you know that winter weather can go from freezing temperatures and snow to a seemingly spring day in a matter of days. Even though the outdoor temperature might change from day to day, you don’t want to change your home’s thermostat quite so frequently. So, how can you stay comfortable without running up your utility bills?
The ideal temperature for your home in the winter months is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s an unusually warm winter day, turn on your ceiling fans and open up a few windows instead of switching over to your air conditioning. On cooler days, let natural light in and put on an extra layer of clothes to stay warm and cozy.
If you’re going out of town during the winter, you don’t want to turn off your heating completely. Doing so can cause your pipes to freeze and can also expend extra energy to heat your home back up when you return home. Instead, lower your home’s temperature several degrees while you’re out of town.
Also, remember to change your air filters regularly and have an HVAC professional come to your home routinely to check your HVAC system. For all of your HVAC needs this winter and year round, give us a call at North Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning in Greenville, NC.